Memorandum of Understanding with National Agency for Qualifications Development

Moscow – On November 17, 2021, the International Organization for Migration and the National Agency for Qualifications Development signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

The parties are planning to join efforts aimed at stabilizing and raising the general qualification level of the migrant labour market.

The National Agency creates conditions in the country for the development of standards in the field of qualifications, integrates the experience of employers and educational institutions to update the expectations from employees and popularizes the best international and Russian practices, the International Organization for Migration, for its part, supports the integration of migrants into the social environment - the combination of these vectors of activity, according to the parties, will give a synergistic effect and will qualitatively improve the situation in this market segment.

«The Memorandum covers such areas of joint work as attracting labour migrants to the Russian Federation with the required skill level in popular specialties, studying international best practices in the field of training and confirming the qualifications of labour migrants.

An expert dialogue between the National Agency for Qualifications Development and the International organization for migration has been going on for several years. The signing of the Memorandum will make the current interaction more active and systematic and will contribute to the development of organized skilled labour migration,” said Pavel Svistunov, First Deputy Director General of the National Agency.

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