Reintegration Assistance for Victims of Trafficking

The IOM office in Moscow is launching a new programme to provide
reintegration assistance and shelter services to victims of

The new initiative is part of the on-going IOM project
“Prevention of Human Trafficking in the Russian
Federation” that is financed by the European Commission
Delegation in Russia with co-funding from the governments of
Switzerland and the United States.

The IOM project focuses on combating human trafficking in the
Russian Federation, a country of origin, transit and destination
for human trafficking, and on providing protection and assistance
to all victims regardless of age and gender.

The programme, which places special emphasis on the medical and
psychological care of the victims, will include a newly-refurbished
medical rehabilitation centre in Moscow.

Once the new centre opens its doors in December, it will provide
essential services to 350 trafficking victims a year in their
rehabilitation and reintegration into the home communities.

The centre will offer the victims:

  • Airport reception
  • Temporary accommodation
  • High-quality medical services and psychological counseling
  • Social and legal counseling
  • Transportation to the final destination within the country for
    Russian nationals
  • Transportation to the country of origin for non-Russian
  • Medical escorts for those requiring professional assistance
    during transportation
  • Provision of reinstallation and reintegration grants
  • Referrals to local NGOs for follow-up counseling and
    medical-psychological assistance as applicable and
  • Provision of counseling/training on reintegration

IOM Moscow is establishing a victim referral system for
government authorities, law enforcement agencies, public health
officials and social support institutions, NGOs, and international

According to the US Department of State 2006 Trafficking in
Persons report, Russia is a major source of women trafficked
globally for the purpose of sexual exploitation. Russia is also a
significant destination and transit country for persons trafficked
for sexual and labour exploitation from regional and neighbouring
countries into Russia, and then onto Gulf states, Europe, Asia and
North America.

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