Training Seminar "Improving the Efficiency of Consultative Work with Foreign Citizens"

On April 18-19, 2013, a two-day training seminar for employees of public and other organizations was held in Moscow on the topic: “Improving the effectiveness of advisory work with foreign citizens based on the successful interaction of state authorities, civil society institutions and business structures in the field of migration, organized by the Bureau of the International organizations for migration in Moscow.

Employees of the Federal Migration Service of Russia and the Office of the Federal Migration Service for Moscow, the State Institution "Moscow Center for Labour Exchange", the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, specialists of the Integration Center "Migration and the Law", as well as staff of IOM Moscow.

The main purpose of this training seminar was to familiarize the employees of information and consultation centers operating on the basis of public and other organizations with the basics of consulting work with foreign citizens, the principles and methods of organizing the work of centers, as well as international experience in creating such centers. Separate sessions of the seminar were devoted to the issues of legal advice and legal assistance to foreign citizens, organization and conduction of targeted information campaigns among migrants, as well as interaction and cooperation with partner organizations. The main emphasis in the work of the seminar was placed on the practical part - teamwork and application of acquired knowledge in practice.

Participants who successfully completed the training were given certificates of seminar participants from the International Organization for Migration.